300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 HOUR


Devon Sweeney

Devon Sweeney, E-RYT 500 is a dedicated movement alchemist and yogini. Her deep connection to her primary teacher, Shiva Rea, planted her roots in the Krishnamacharyan lineage. Devon teaches yoga as an integrated art of living in rhythm with the intelligent flow of nature. As a student and teacher of energetic vinyasa, she cultivates meditation through form and fluidity. Facilitating intentional asana-based embodiment practices, she encourages presence through recognition of cyclical patterns in movement and thought.

Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy's interest in mind and body began with martial arts, and later meditation became his doorway into yoga. He received his initial yoga certification in India in Classical Yoga and has completed his 500hr certification through Rod Stryker's school of ParaYoga. He is an E-RYT 500, YACEP, reiki master, meditation and yoga nidra instructor, with certifications and formal training in the Bihar, Himalayan, iRest and Amrit methods of Yoga Nidra. His trainings seek to embody the richness and holistic practice of yoga's deeply spiritual origin.

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Prana Vinyasa Denver

Our 300 hour advanced teacher training program is an inclusive community of unique and creative teachers and students of living yoga. Moving beyond the basics of the 200 hour curriculum, this creative program lets you pace yourself. We will learn to teach and practice the integrative embodied pathways of energy-based yoga practices, with core modules inspired by Hatha Yoga + the Prana Vinyasa methodology that has evolved from Shiva Rea’s interpretation and teaching of the Krishnamacharyan perspective, modern somatics, tantra, Bhakti, and Ayurveda.

Our program teaches energetic alignment and a connection to the breath, mental posture, and the physical body to enable sustainable and evolutionary embodiment of asana + sadhana in your body on the yoga mat and in the body of your life. This program integrates the wisdom of natural rhythm inside and outside of the body to awaken a connection to sacred inner flow while cultivating presence in the macrocosm of our lives. Each teacher is encouraged to build their ideal full spectrum of education combining core modules and short electives spanning many modalities approved by your trainers including Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra,  Classical Yogic Philosophy, Yin Yoga and more.

How It Works

*You must hold a 200 hour certification from a Yoga Alliance RYS to register for this 300 hour certification program.

  1. Apply for our 300 Hour program (Click Here or Below)
  2. Connect with our studio team and receive welcome materials and have an orientation call.
  3. Choose your pathways of study and register individually for each module: Complete at least 4 Core Modules (these are core content modules with 40 hours or more) within 2 years. Required Core Modules include: Embodying Prana Vinyasa + Elemental Vinyasa
  4. Accumulate 270 training hours and within 2 years at your pace using electives and core modules – track your hours with the studio team.
  5. Complete your training with final assignments and teaching demo!
Apply for the 300 Hour Training! Click the link below to get the ball rolling. We will contact you to follow up and answer any additional questions you may have and to help guide you on your hearts path.
Connect with your studio team and receive welcome materials and have an orientation call


Core modules are modules with lead trainers providing 40 contact hours or more that constitute a foundation of hours for our teachers in training.

Elective modules are hosted by lead trainers and other amazing teachers as shorter, specialized supplements to your core training. 

Trainees must complete the 2 Required Core Modules* and choose any 2 additional Core Modules –  ALL STUDENTS WILL TAKE MINIMUM 4 CORE MODULES IN THE 2 YEAR PERIOD.

Required Core Modules for our 300hr YTT include:

    • Embodying Prana Vinyasa* + Elemental Vinyasa*
    • We will host these 2 Required Core Modules Every Year

Other Core Modules: Advanced Subtle Body, Movement Alchemy, Lunar Arts Immersion

Required Assistant Weekend: All 300 hour students are required to apprentice/assist a 200 hour weekend. You will sign up for one of the weekends in our Spring or Fall 200 hour weekends with Devon and Jeremy. Depending on the weekend, this will fulfill 14 or 21 hours of your elective credits. You may assist up to 2 weekends. The cost of assisting 1 weekend is $150 for 2 days (14 elective Hours) & $225 for 3 days (21 elective hours). Prior to your assist weekend, you will receive instructions for your weekend of assisting, mentorship, and immersive study with your teacher trainers. 

Click here to register for your Assist Weekend

Upcoming Programs

Lunar Arts Immersion:
Yin Yoga Teacher Training + Lunar Philosophy

with Devon Sweeney and Jeremy Wolf

Save the date!
Oct 13-15, Oct 27-29, Nov 10-12 

Fridays | 6-9pm – Saturdays | 11am-6pm  (Except on 10/14 ends at 4pm) – Sundays | 10am-6pm

60 Hours – $750  – Early Bird Save $50 through September 29, 2023.

Special Guest Elective:
Shiva Rea – Prana Vinyasa Immersion

November 17-19th

Friday | 6pm-9pm
Saturday | 10am-1pm | Break | 3pm-7pm
Sunday | 10am-1pm | Break | 3pm-7pm

17 Hours *300 hour elective and Yoga Alliance CEUs

Full Weekend | $333

Ayurveda for Women

with Zaidy

Dec 8-10, 2023
Friday | 6:30-9pm – Saturday | 12pm-5pm – Sunday | 10:00am-3:30pm

13 hours  – $250 

Early Bird Save $35 through Nov 27, 2023.

Advanced Subtle Body

with Devon and Jeremy

Save the date! Jan 19-21, Feb 2-4 2024

Fridays: 6-9pm – Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm –  Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

40 Hours – $750

Save $50 if you register by December 26th

Required Core:
Embodying Prana Vinyasa

with Devon + Zaidy
*Required Core Module

Save the date! Feb 16-18, March 1-3, March 15-17, March 29-31 2024

Friday: 7-9:30pm | Saturday: 9am-5:30pm | Sunday: 10am-6:00pm

80 Hours – $1,108

Save $75 Early Bird Ends January 25, 2024.

Elemental Vinyasa:
Embodying the Power of Nature

with Devon + Zaidy Charrón
*Required Core Module

Save the date! May 17-19, May 31-June 2 2024

Friday |  5-9:30pm – Saturday/Sunday | 10am-6:30pm

40 Hours – $600

Registration will open soon. Email devon@yogacenterdenver.com to be notified when registration begins.

Movement Alchemy
Somatics, Anatomy, and Embodied Philosophy

with Devon

June 21-23

Friday | 7-9:30pm
Saturday/Sunday | 10:00am-7pm 

40 Hours – $600

Registration will open soon. Email devon@yogacenterdenver.com to be notified when registration begins.

Please email Devon at devon@yogacenterdenver.com with any questions.