DreamWeavers Disco

Dreamweavers Disco

The Dreamweavers Disco is a safe haven for you to express your most inspired existence. A full spectrum sonic journey paired artistically with a mesmerizing laser show will catalyze personal and community alignment. Tap into your heart space. Connect with your body. Explore the senses. Come dance and drop innnn ?????????

*Event Flow*

6:30pm – Doors
7:00pm – Opening Circle – Twin Hearts Group Meditation
7:45pm – Social Hour + Tea Time + Art/Vendor walk – Opening DJ set
8:30pm – Dance + Laser Show with SurprisinglySimple
9:45pm – Closing embodiment practice
10:00pm – Closing Circle

About the Meditation: Meditation on twin hearts is a service based guided group meditation for planetary peace. The meditation activates the twin hearts, the physical heart in the chest, and the spiritual heart on the crown. We then collectively bless the planet and in turn, receive those blessings since we’re living here! Most people leave the meditation feeling calm, aligned, centered, inspired and at peace. Meditating in a group makes the experience even more powerful as the more people do it together, the more the energy exponentiates. Starting this event with the meditation helps create a beautiful container for healing, connection and self exploration + expression ?

After the meditation, there will be a short tea time + social hour to connect. If we can involve vendors this is a great opportunity for them to show their stuff and have some uninterrupted attention. Then the show begins!! Get ready to dance your heart out and/or lose yourself in the sights and sounds of the music and laser art show. The experience will wrap up with some gentle guided mindful movement to help you slow down and integrate the experience.

All are welcome and encouraged. No experience is necessary, just an open heart and mind.

SurprisinglySimple is a sacred bass music duo comprised of singer/songwriter Rachel Blum and Musician/Producer/Lighting designer Anthony Blum. With the mix of live vocals, electronic production and integrated stage lighting design, SurprisinglySimple provides an inspired container for personal internal growth and global external evolution. They use their music and live events as a catalyst for healing and spiritual development. Debut album “Become to Know” available on all streaming platforms. New album “Galactivation” coming soon.

For more check out our IG: www.instagram.com/surprisinglysimple

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