Workshop Series

Weekend Intensive

The Art and Science of Iyengar Yoga: Weekend Intensive
with Angie Woyar


Saturday | March 9 | 12pm-3pm + 3:30-5:00pm (afternoon session for full weekend attendees only)

Sunday | March 10 | 12-3pm

Full Weekend Intensive | $160

Saturday Session Only | $65

Sunday Session Only | $65


Join us for a transformative two-day journey into the heart of Iyengar yoga with Angie. This immersive weekend is designed to introduce practitioners + teachers of all stages and schools of yoga to the foundational principles of Iyengar yoga. We will focus on developing an understanding of the Iyengar method’s relevance to personal practice and the evolution of yoga as we know it today.

This Iyengar yoga immersion is tailored for practitioners of all levels, providing an exploration of the discipline’s core principles. Join us for a weekend dedicated to the art and science of Iyengar yoga, cultivating a foundation for a mindful and intentional practice that nourishes the whole self.

The full weekend is open to all – and includes a special post practice discussion with  Angie from 3:30-5:00pm on March 9th.

Those who would just like to join single practices can choose to attend a 3 hour practice on Saturday, Sunday, or both open sessions!




Saturday | 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Practice Session

Immerse yourself in the classical teachings of Iyengar yoga as Angie guides you through a carefully curated practice.

Explore the postures, alignment techniques, and breath work that form the bedrock of this transformative yoga style.

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Tea Time and Teacher’s Discussion

Engage in a reflective and informative discussion with Angie as she shares insights into the principles of Iyengar yoga. Discover the historical context and evolution of this practice while enjoying a community tea time.

Sunday | 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Practice Session

Deepen your understanding and experience of Iyengar yoga with an extended practice session. Angie will guide you through an immersive journey, emphasizing the integration of body, mind, and breath. Refine your practice and explore new dimensions of self-awareness.

Full Intensive $160

March 9 | $65

3 Hour Iyengar Practice

Saturday | 12-3pm

March 10 | $65

3 Hour Iyengar Practice

Sunday | 12-3pm


Come Celebrate with this unbeatable deal! We are so grateful to be serving YOU and the community and would like to offer the deal of a lifetime! 

You can also give the gift of wellness and buy a gift card for a friend or family member! 

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