Annual Iyengar Yoga Spring Retreat

Dates: Friday, May 6th, 2022 | 5-7pm Saturday, May 7th, 2022 | 2-4pm Sunday, May 8th, 2022 | 2-4pm $110 Earlybird Price for all three Sessions, by 5/4/22 $120 Regular Price for all 3 Sessions, after 5/4/22
$45 for each individual session.

We are so excited to celebrate life with yoga again and offer you our Iyengar Yoga Annual Spring Retreat at the Yoga Center of Denver with Gary and Donita Reitze!

Join us for or one day or all three days!


Potluck following Saturday’s Session at Gary and Donita’s house. Directions will be provided at the event.


Gary and Donita are 2 of the most experienced teachers in the state, with a combined 72 years of yoga practice and teaching. They will assist students of any level with expert instructions, adjustments, and therapeutic modifications.

Ecstatic Dance


Every Saturday 6-9pm

Class from 6-7pm, Ecstatic Dance from 7-9pm

Greg DeMichele, Chen Village disciple of Grandmaster Chen XiaoXing, will be leading the workshop sharing his years of knowledge and experience in this traditional style of Taiji.

Traditional Chen Style TaiJi with Greg DeMichele


Three Day Workshop

Friday June 3rd | 6-9pm
Saturday June 4th | 12-4:30pm
Sunday June 5th | 12-4:30pm

$200 Earlybird Pricing by 5/29/22
$240 Regular Price after 5/29/22

Learn the first formal practice set of Taiji. The Chen family form set Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Road) is considered to be the original set movements that help create further styles of Taiji. Chen style rooted in a grounded body structure and soft coiling movements showcases glimpses of explosive force. This dynamic range prepares the practitioner for balanced motion through life. No experience necessary, all levels of practice welcome.

Parent's Night Out!


Friday, May 13th, 2022 | 5:30-8 pm
$44 for 1,
$22 per additional sibling

Enjoy a parent’s night out while your kids have a great night playing, socializing, and enjoying unique activities!


Kids ages 2-12 welcome. Kids yoga, art, and activities included with a movie night, PJ’s, pizza and popcorn.

*Must be potty trained and comfortable being dropped off.

Lynn’s background encompasses many aspects of holistic health emphasizing on the use of body-based practices and therapies to influence greater physical, mental and emotional health. Lynn works with people to find alignment and integration through individualized diet, movement, yoga, bodywork, coaching and personal development to help people connect to and live from their Authentic Self. 

Ayurveda & Yoga


May 14th, 2022 | 9am-12pm


$33 in-studio earlybird, by 5/11/22

$44 in-studio after 5/11/22

$28 virtual attendance

Proper detox and rejuvenation is our chance to help the body’s natural process of keeping ourselves healthy. Each Spring as the sun heats the environment your body will naturally open up and release the toxins you’ve been storing all Winter without any conscious effort. If you practice specific lifestyle medicine, constitutional and seasonal diet, Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation practices you can support the natural process and reduce whatever health condition you are working on – physically, mentally or emotionally. Spring is the BEST time of year to do a detox/cleanse because your body is already doing an internal “spring cleaning”.


Come learn how to use your yoga practice and Ayurveda tools to support your body’s natural process during the spring season. Decode the messages from your body as the season shifts and learn how to adjust your diet, movement and lifestyle. Learn to what to watch out for if the body is detoxing too fast and learn safe ways to incorporate a gentle detox this Spring.This class will not teach how to do a specific detox protocol, as that requires specific practices and diet and will need to be unique based on your needs and health conditions, but it will give an overview of why it is so important to cleanse at season junctures, how to approach detoxing and rejuvenation therapies in a safe way and resources if you wish to do a full detox cleanse this spring or in the future.


Align yourself with the natural rhythms of your body and nature to release what is no longer needed this season, so you have capacity to face whatever blooms next in your life this year.


This workshop is offered in studio and virtually on zoom.


– Lynn Hanger
Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Body Worker and Life Coach

Julia Mikk, born in Estonia and now living in the U.S., is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, bestselling author, and founder of Breath of Love work. During the last 20 years she has worked with thousands of people worldwide.

Breakthrough Experience


May 14th, 2022 | 12-3:30 pm


$44 in-studio earlybird, by 5/11/22

$66 in-studio after 5/11/22

Groundwork for a liberated life free of struggle, worry, and exhaustion!

Come join us for a special opportunity to journey with internationally renowned healer and founder of Breath of Love, Julia Mikk, through a life-changing breath-sound-healing-ceremony.


You will experience profound emotional relief, touch deep inner peace, and access clear soul guidance for your life!

  • Find liberation from worry and overwhelm.
  • Access deep inner peace and find out how to sustain it no matter what’s happening around you. Become the eye of the storm where the sun is always shining.
  • Let your body heal. Release the stress and tension you have carried for months, if not years!
  • Know your worth, and find deep self-confidence where other people’s opinions or expectations don’t bother or limit you any longer.
  • Access the freedom to be fully authentically in your power of your unique gifts and talents! Stop holding yourself back from going for what you desire to create in life!
  • Tap into the power of your Soul Purpose. Stop staying in situations that are not honoring of you. Get clear on your dreams and desires and start moving towards them with courage and confidence.
  • Start thriving (yes, even during these tumultuous times)!

Friday Night Features


Every 3rd Friday of the month | 7:00 – 9:00 pm
$10 per ticket, cash and Venmo accepted.

Join us every third Friday of the month for a surprise feature film. All adults and teenaged kids welcome!


April’s Movie: GIVEN the Movie

Fourth Friday


Every Fourth Friday Starting in May, 5-8 pm

5:30-6:30 pm | Community Yoga with Daniel Taylor

5-8 pm | Vendor Market

Join us every fourth Friday to support local businesses and enjoy activities that include scavenger hunts, bodyworker, massage sessions, and local vendors!


Proceeds benefit local nonprofit.


To sign up to be a vendor, instructor or bodyworker for the event, please contact Lauren by clicking link below.

​Charanbir Singh (David Barfoot) is a Certified Level I instructor by the Kundalini Research Institute (2011) and has exclusively practiced Kundalini Yoga for more than 13 years. He is member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. The discovery of Kundalini Yoga has transformed Charanbir’s life. At 76 years old, he continues to find a more elevated and centered awareness. Most importantly, he is happier than he has ever been before! Teaching this amazing path and sharing his hard-earned wisdom with his students are his greatest joys. He says, “It is all about each person making their own personal connection with the wisdom of the universe. It is then that we find and live our authentic selves. It is real and achievable for every person on this earth.” Charanbir has worked in helping others most of his life, including 18 years working with abused and neglected children and juvenile offenders, and 31 years working with noted Southern Colorado nutritionist Vivian Rice.

Enhancing Intuition with Kundalini Yoga With Charanbir Signh


Sunday May 15th, 2022 | 1:30-4:30 pm


$60 Earlybird Pricing, by 5/8/22

$75 Regular Pricing after 5/8/22

Kundalini yoga usually has a specific agenda. It works by changing our energy. This workshop is a compilation of meditations and yoga sets that all focus on enhancing intuition.We will stimulate the “The Master Gland,” the Pituitary, and the “Third Eye,” the Sixth Chakra, both associated with intuition.

It will involve precise body and hand positioning, repetitive movements, breathing exercises, visualization, and chanting. Parts of it will be challenging, other parts soothing. Please eat lightly at least two hours before class.

No previous experience needed and there is no failure. You simply do the best you can to get the most out of it.

Trust your “gut feeling”, your instinct! Please join us!

Yoga Lab: Building Blocks to Backbends With Angie Woyar
In-Studio & Virtual


May 21st, 2022 | 1-3 pm


$33 in-studio earlybird, by 5/18/22

$40 in-studio after 5/18/22

This lab is for those wanting to develop the skills to safely move into backbends. We will use props to create the strength and the mobility needed for this fun category of postures. This unique set of postures can help uplift the soul and bring a sense of space into the body.



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