Iyengar Certified

Anara Sagimbayeva

My journey began with training in Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Russia (Moscow); and through good fortune and fate, I found my way to Denver. I'm honored to be part of the local Iyengar Community and look forward to sharing my international training and experiences.

Alyssa Sikora

Alyssa became a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) in 2018. She has practiced yoga since 2005 and has practiced Iyengar yoga since 2015. Alyssa's sense of humor, knowledge of Iyengar yoga, and compassion help inspire her students to advance their personal practice.

Angie Woyar

Angie has been a student of yoga since 1999 and is an Intermediate Junior 1 Iyengar yoga teacher. She has studied twice in India with the Iyengar family and regularly studies with her mentors and other senior teachers from across the globe.

Brad Denning

Brad has been practicing Iyengar’s Hatha yoga since 2005 and knows that it enhances one’s quality of life – healthy body, mind, and spirit. He became impressed with the holistic results from the precise alignment, sequencing, and philosophy offered in the Iyengar tradition.

Donita Reitze

Donita began studying Iyengar Yoga in 1986. Little did she know at the time that those studies would evolve into meeting and studying with some of the best teachers in the country and abroad, and eventually leading to trips to India to study with BKS Iyengar, Prashant and Geeta Iyengar.

Gary Reitze

Gary's teaching style is precise, with attention to details of alignment and action for maximum benefit. He promotes enthusiasm in the physical postures so students are enabled to enjoy the activities they love. He also teaches pranayama (energy/breath control) and meditation in his classes.

Jean Upshaw

Jean is an Iyengar certified teacher since 2021 and has practiced and studied yoga since 1998. She has been a part of the Yoga Center of Denver community since she moved to Colorado in 2006. Jean focuses on fostering confidence and independence in her students to practice and experiment on their own.

K-Lea Gifford

K-Lea has been teaching for over 31 years, and has helped many people. Clients have included professional athletes, teenagers, the chronologically gifted, and those recovering from injury. She has acquired additional training dealing with lower back, cancer, neck & shoulders, knees, scoliosis, trauma, pelvic floor, and MS.

Vinyasa | Meditation | Ashtanga | Aerial | Prenatal | Yin

Devon Sweeney

Devon’s asana classes are delicately balanced experiences of rhythm and flow. She guides her students through the process of learning how to cultivate a felt sense of their unique energetic alignment.

Lizzie Cosmic

Lizzie studied with her teacher for a total of 550 hours, ending with a beautiful journey to the Himalayas. She now takes what she knows about Vedic meditation, Kriya yoga and sound healing to build a class meant to bring people to their own personal brand of truth.

Claire Gonzalez

Claire Gonzalez (she/they) believes in cultivating a mindful lifestyle for all ages, abilities and identities through supportive and fun yoga classes and meditation practices. In addition to E-RYT 200, she is certified in Perinatal Yoga (pre & post natal)

Javier Betancourt

Javier has been teaching ashtanga primary series consistently in both led primary and the Mysore- style for over ten years with over 10,000 hours of teaching.He is currently the President of the Tallahassee Yoga and Meditation Center (TYMC) in Tallahassee

Kelsey Mueller

I specialize in Prenatal, Postnatal, and Kids Yoga. I believe in a connection to body being one of the most beneficial tools used in life, but also in pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. With 4 kids of my own, I love the connection I get to share!

Kevin Supina

Jenna Rupe

Jenna Rupe is a yoga practitioner and guide in deep reverence to the art and science of liberation through movement. She believes that when we connect to the breath and move from that place, we merge with the pulse that exists in all life, the divine spark within.

Zaidy Charron

Zaidy Charrón, a devoted Ayurvedic practitioner with over 3000+ hours of in-depth expertise. As an ERYT 500, Zaidy is a passionate artist of embodiment, medicine woman, fire keeper, student and facilitator.

Malia B.

Samantha Loeffler

Samantha “Sammi” is a somatically based practitioner, who holds the intention of collaboratively supporting others to embrace their felt sense of self. Through purposely guided movements or subtle body practices, Sammi invites the opportunity for self-exploration throughout teachings.

Jayleaine Chancellor

Jeremy's teaching context can range from a more alignment-based emphasis, to one of self-inquiry. The choice is up to the student, but it’s guaranteed that the thread of intent woven through the session will orient itself to one’s personal healing and transformation.

Jean Becker

Join Jean for her Free Yoga for Cancer Survivors Classes

Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy's teaching context can range from a more alignment-based emphasis, to one of self-inquiry. The choice is up to the student, but it’s guaranteed that the thread of intent woven through the session will orient itself to one’s personal healing and transformation.

Chelsea Laufenberger

Hi, I'm Chelsea. I am a lover of movement and have been a student and teacher under the Prana Vinyasa flow lineage since 2008. I am fueled by compassion and curiosity and love to share my dedication to the path of yoga by bringing together community in a space of self discovery and play.

Julie Ignacz

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