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When I first encountered Iyengar Yoga, I attended my first class with the simple expectation of learning stretching techniques.  I spread my mat on the floor and joined a class full of unfamiliar people.  I had no further expectation and had no idea where this road would eventually lead.  After many years of dedicated practice, I’ve now realized that was the beginning of overcoming disappointment, rejection, and criticism; and finding encouragement, strength and personal growth.  I once read, “What goes on the mat is your whole life in a nutshell.  It is a mirror.  Use it to better understand yourself.”  So I did.  

I have spent many many years traveling around the world to learn and practice yoga.  My journey began with training in Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Russia (Moscow); and through good fortune and fate, I found my way to Denver.  I’m honored to be part of the local Iyengar Community and look forward to sharing my international training and experiences.

Certified Intro Level I & II



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