Summer Camp

Cosmic Asana Aerial Kids Summer Camp

Cosmic Asana Aerial Kids Summer Camp

with Malia Seda



Monday-Friday | July 15-19 | 1230pm-330pm


Monday-Friday | July 22-26 | 1230pm-330pm



Both Weekends | $500  Early Bird $450
Individual Weeks | $275 each Early Bird $250




Ready for your little stars to embark on an adventure where they’ll literally hang out in the cosmos? 🌌 Introducing: Asana Aerial Kids Camp! For the young Earthlings aged 6-12, this is WHERE the magic of yoga meets the thrill of the aerial arts. 🚀

Catch that Early Bird special at a sky-high DISCOUNT of $250, or why not go BIG and book both weeks for a meteoric deal of $450? 🐥💫

Mark your calendars: July 15-19 & July 22-26. Watch them flip, fly, and find their zen in a place where gravity is optional but FUN is mandatory! 😉✨ Trust us, they’ll be over the moon. 🌙 Don’t let this spaceship take off without them! 12 person capacity per week.

Both Weeks $475

*$450 Early Bird

Week 1 Only | $275

July 15-19 | 1230pm-330pm

$250 Early Bird

Week 2 Only | $275

July 22-26 | 1230pm-330pm

$250 Early Bird


Come Celebrate with this unbeatable deal! We are so grateful to be serving YOU and the community and would like to offer the deal of a lifetime! 

You can also give the gift of wellness and buy a gift card for a friend or family member! 

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