General Admission

Prana Vinyasa Immersion

November 17-19

Friday | 6pm-9pm
Saturday | 10am-1pm | Break | 3pm-7:30pm
Sunday | 10am-1pm | Break | 2:30pm-6:00pm

17 Hours *Eligible for 300Hr elective and Yoga Alliance CEUs

Full Weekend | $333



Join us for an unforgettable Prana Vinyasa Immersion with the legendary Shiva Rea, a beacon of creativity, dynamism, and transformation in the world of modern yoga. With over 25 years of global teaching experience, Shiva offers a unique synthesis form of Vinyasa Flow that breathes new life into the roots of yoga. Shiva’s Global Mala Project and Yoga Energy Activism has become a symbol of unity and change, raising awareness and funds for climate change at both local and global levels.

Shiva’s groundbreaking work includes the revival of the art of namaskar through innovative salutations, the development of innovative techniques such as wave-sequencing, three-part vinyasa, multi-dimensional sequencing, mandala circular wave-sequencing, and rasa prana vinyasa. Her teachings infuse alignment in the flow with energetic alignment, and the spontaneity of “sahaja” movement, making her events a creative and transformative experience.

Now you have the opportunity to be with Shiva Rea in person inclusively at the Yoga Center of Denver. In this Prana Vinyasa Immersion, you will have the opportunity to dive deep within yourself under the mastery brought forth by Shiva. Shiva’s immersion will cover topics of Diverse Namaskars & Wave-Sequencing, Three-Part Vinyasa & Alignment, Mandala Circular Wave-Sequencing & Rasa Prana Vinyasa, Sahaja Movement & Spontaneity, Music & Movement Connection

Don’t miss this chance to learn from a true pioneer, whose tireless dedication and creative vision have shaped the landscape of contemporary yoga. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, Shiva’s Prana Vinyasa Immersion is a pathway to awaken or expand your practice, connect with the pulse of life, and for Shiva’s wisdom to guide you into the flow of your own being. Experience yoga like never before. Experience Shiva Rea and sign up today!

Shiva has collaborated across many fields and is known for offering the synthesis form of Vinyasa Flow throughout the world, bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic, and life-transforming ways for over 25 years around the globe.

She is a pioneer in reviving the art of namaskar through diverse namaskars or salutations as well as developing wave-sequencing, three-part vinyasa to teaching alignment in the flow, energetic alignment, multi-dimensional sequencing, mandala circular wave-sequencing, rasa prana vinyasa, and integrating the creative, spontaneous movement known as “sahaja” in post-modern yoga.


Since 2000, Shiva has created and offered over 27 award-winning DVD-CD’s for home practice as well as served as an ambassador for prAna, Banyan Botanicals, and the catalyst for Yoga Energy Activism and the Global Mala Project which has raised awareness and funds for local and global climate change. She is a contributor/featured author in media from Origin, Mantra, Yoga Journal Magazine, and featured in the LA Times, Vanity Fair, and Self. Her latest book, Tending the Heart Fire – Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life is about living vinyasa, our energetic heart, and our energy future.


She has led free-form movement in festivals from Wanderlust, Chant 4 Change, Yoga Journal Live, Yogini Conferences, Bhakti Fest, Lightning in a Bottle, Barcelona Yoga Festival, Earthdance, Beloved, Bali Spirit Festival, TEDx, Tadasana Festival, and Burning Man. Shiva has collaborated with many DJ’s, artists and musicians to bring the art and healing power of music into the flow of yoga live and through the compilation and original music for yoga as a moving meditation for everybody.

This event is open to the public and we are excited to announce that our Fall 200 hour students will enjoy an amazing weekend with Shiva included in their training.

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Practice | YTT Q & A |

5:15-6:15 PM 6:15-6:45 P

Practice | YTT Q & A |

5:15-6:15 PM 6:15-6:45 PM

Practice | YTT Q & A |

5:15-6:15 PM 6:15-6:45 P

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